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HAITI : 8,Rue Georges Sylvain Delmas 29, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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HAITI: (509) 47575757

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Visit Us : 8, Rue Georges Sylvain, Delmas 29, Port-au-Prince, HAITI .

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How to Ship to Haiti ??

Send us the list of items you want to buy. We will send you a quote with the price to purchase and Ship to Haiti, including customs in Haiti. Tel/Whatsapp: +509 47575757 Email: marabout@belayiti.com

STEP 1: Choose Items Online:

We can buy for you from most major online stores. We usually suggest Amazon.com which has a complete line of products at a very low price.

STEP 2: Send us the links to the items

When you are searching your items on your favorite website , or on AMAZON.COM , copy/paste the item COMPLETE NAME & Link. We suggest you paste all the information on one page, that will make it easier for you to forward the information to our customer service

STEP 3: Send us the information

Send us the COMPLETE NAME & Links to the items you have chosen on your favorite website or on AMAZON.COM

Email: marabout@belayiti.com

Tel / Whatsapp : +509 47575757

STEP 4: Find out how much everything will cost

Once we receive the list of items you want to buy online, we will send you a quotation will all the information you need to make a decision.

STEP 5: Confirm & Ship

Once you confirm our quotation, you have a choice to ship by AIR or by BOAT.

AIR Freight is delivered to HAITI ?? weekly / OCEAN Freight is delivered to Haiti ?? every 3 weeks

STEP 6: Door to Door Delivery

Items are delivered in Haiti ?? after customs clearance. We offer FREE delivery to some areas in Port-au-Prince !

We Offer Special LOW RATES every day !

Delivery Options

Our Warehouse in the USA

Our warehouse located in FLORIDA is open to receive any size cargo weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

You may DROP OFF your packages at:

1905 NW 51st Street #43-A , Fort-Lauderdale FL 33309

Request Delivery in HAITI

We offer FREE delivery to certain areas of Port-au-Prince. Call us to have more info Tel/Whatsapp +509 47575757

We deliver to other areas of HAITI at an extra charge. Call us to have more info Tel/Whatsapp +509 47575757

Pick Up In Store

You may Pick-up your cargo at our office located at: 

8, Rue Georges Sylvain, Delmas 29. Port-au-Prince. HAITI

Deliver your packages to our Warehouse in ??

YOUR NAME + 1811 NW 51st Street #42-D    Fort-Lauderdale   FL 33309

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(509) 47 575757

Address in HAITI ??

8 Rue Georges Sylvain, Delmas 29. Port-au-Prince Haiti HT6120

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